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The Infamous Anastasia Subculture Palette | My Experience

Links in this post are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission if you shop using my links. Thanks in advance if you decide to use my links. 

The drama of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette has been real. If you're on social media then I don't have to tell you about the tumultuous launch of this palette. I won't rehash the whole drama here and will instead give you my thoughts and review of this palette.

Let's start by telling you how excited I was for this palette to launch. From the minute that I first laid eyes on Subculture I feel deeply in love. The shades in this palette, for the most part, are some of the coolest shades I have ever seen in an eyeshadow palette. To me this palette screams urban coolness, it's shades are deep and grungy and perfectly my style. I do own the previous five ABH eyeshadow palettes and could not wait to get my hands on Subculture. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette in all her glory. These photos do this palette absolutely NO justice, in person it's so much more beautiful. The only shades that I think don't match the palette are Cube and Electric. I also wish Adorn had been a cool shimmer instead of a warm shade because this shade doesn't, in my opinion, go with the rest of the shades. 

But overall, I love the shades in here, especially Axis, Allstar, Untamed & Rowdy. I also think Destiny, Edge and New Wave are really cool. Honestly, especially now that I have used the palette a few times, I like all the shades minus Cube. Liking 13/14 shades is pretty unheard of for me which immediately makes the palette worth the money for me. 

But what about the formula? Let's check out the pigmentation first. I've swatched so many palettes in my day and yet I have never seen pigmentation like this. When I swatched these on Insta Stories and Snapchat, I could not get over the pigmentation. 

I'd already seen a ton of reviews for Subculture so I knew that the pigmentation of the palette was going to be insane. Still, it's so amazingly pigmented that even though I knew about it, it still caught me off-guard. 

Cube and Electric are not as pigmented as the rest of the palette but Cube does build up nicely. It's only Cube that I have had a hard time with because I can't get it to show up, even on my eyes. 

As for the mattes, the only one that I found that felt weird on swatching and at all troublesome is Fudge. I own Fudge in another palette and it's perfectly easy to work with, but the one in this palette is a little more dry and difficult, plus quite different in color from the original.

But swatches are one thing - the real test of this palette is how it wears on the eyes and for me the experience has been positive. 

Yes, Subculture is very soft and you get a lot of kickup when putting your brush in the pans. But my Modern Renaissance is super dusty too, so much so that I have always shared that I have to store it flat so the excess powder in it won't mess it all up. 

What about the patchiness factor?

As of now I have experienced no patchiness or funky blending when applying these shadows, and yes I have used the dark shades. I've also not had trouble with the shades muddying up into each other. Did I get lucky or just get a good batch? IDK!

As for the fall out- I find that if I dip my brush in a rolling motion into the pans, I get less kick-up, and have in fact seen very little fallout on my face, without tapping the brush. I don't like to tap off such pigmented shadows so I prefer to roll my brush in the pans and not dig into the pan. I have always been gentle with my makeup, so this is not a new concept to me.

The only issue I have ever had is that because the green shades are so pigmented, you have to make sure to brush off the fallout before going into your under eyes with concealer, even if it's only a tiny bit . Yesterday I forgot to brush off the little bits of Axis that were under my eye and soon I had what looked like a black eye. That was fixed by adding more concealer but next time I will be sure to brush off any fallout. 

I'm not an eyeshadow expert, and the look that I have come up with using this palette are probably extra grungy and not to everyone's taste, but they are exactly the kind of eye looks that I love. The important thing when it comes to makeup is that we are happy with a product, with a look, it's really up to us how we want to wear makeup, there are no rules. I am absolutely smitten with this palette and it does have a lot to do with the fact that these shades are so up my alley, if this shade selection was different I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do.

While I know that many people have had problems with this palette, this has been my experience with Subculture and I mean to discredit no one. This is why I always say it's so important for each person to try out a product, no matter how many reviews you have seen. Ultimately, it's up to you to see if you're willing to work with something or not. ABH palettes have always been a little finicky for me, but because I love the eyeshadows in them, especially in this pallet, I was willing to take on a problematic formula but for me the formula has been just fine.

Do I suggest you purchase this pallet? Absolutely! If this palette has been calling your name, I definitely think you should buy it. If anything is wrong with it or you don't like it, simply return it. At the end of the day you won't lose anything.

I purchased My ABH Subculture Palette for 20% off at Ulta, using a coupon they sent out a few weeks ago. The regular price of the palette is $42 and you can find it at Ulta and Sephora

Worth the Splurge? | Sephora Pro Warm Palette

Links in this post are affiliate links. If you shop using my links, I do earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you decide to shop through my links!

Sephora surprised the beauty community a few months ago when they started teasing their three brand new Pro Palettes. These three palettes hit social media and immediately it became a furor, everyone and their mama wanted to get their hands on these palettes, especially the warm palette.

FYI In case you've never seen these palettes, they are the:
Sephora Pro Editiorial Palette (review coming soon)
Sephora Pro Cool Palette (review coming soon)

What makes the Sephora Pro palettes so amazing and lust-worthy? These palettes were put together by the Sephora PRO team. The Sephora PRO team is comprised of 15 bad-ass makeup artists who came together to give us three palettes that can take us from everyday makeup to any special occasion. I do follow their account on Instagram and have to say that they are definite masters of their craft. 

Not being one to miss out on the latest and hottest products, I decided to pick the warm palette up for my birthday. I'd tried very few Sephora brand eyeshadow's before and I have to admit my experience was not good, but the reviews on these three pallets or amazing from the very beginning.

The presentation of the Sephora pro palette is absolutely gorgeous. They come in a very large, extremely weighty black matte case that feels and looks very luxurious.  Each palette has different colored lettering on the outside, the warm palette is in gold. This palette is absolutely stunning on inside, seriously every time I opened it up, it took my breath away. In this pallet you have a collection of some of the most beautiful warm-tones shadows.

My favorite side of the palette is the second side, which is filled with the darker, more earthy shades. There's a few shades on this side that remind me of mattes in the Huda Rose Gold Palette, which is a favorite palette of mine. 

Before we get into the review of the pallet let's talk about that $68 price tag. While $68 sounds like a heck of a lot of money, when you break it down each eyeshadow only comes out to $2.48 apiece, which is a bargain. In terms of cost, the Sephora Pro Palettes  are actually quite a value.

So I knew that the value was there, the question for me was:  does my collection need another warm-toned palette, especially one that is $68?

For me this is where the problem laid with the Sephora Pro Warm Palette,  and I did end up returning it.  Not because it's not an amazing pallet, which I do think it is. The problem is that my collection is already filled to the brim with warm eyeshadows and the times that I used it I came up with eye looks either very similar or exactly like others that I have done with pieces already in my collection. In fact the very first time that I used this eyeshadow palette I expected to be so wowed by it, but when I finished I was disappointed to see that I had created that very same I look so many other times with other palettes I already owned.

This of course is no fault of the palette, and that's why I still recommend it 100% to anybody whose collection isn't already overwhelmed by warm eyeshadows. Or maybe you use warm eyeshadow every single day and can actually give it constant use, or maybe you're a collector.

But if your collection is already filled with warm eyeshadow palettes, I don't think this one is a must have, even if the quality is excellent.

It was actually very hard for me to return this pallet to Sephora, if it hadn't been for the high price tag I would have just kept it. In fact I have it on my list for the end of the year when I get my $25 off coupon, if it is still available then and I have nothing else to purchase, I would love to get it again. With a discount, I would be able to allow this palette into my already warm-filled collection, but not at full cost.


The second row that contains the shimmer shades is my favorite, these swatches do the gorgeous shimmers no justice. But the mattes are actually my favorite of all, there are so many earthy, beautiful shades and they are all so pigmented! (photo below)

These are my favorite shades in the palette, all matte and all incredible!

The formula of these eyeshadows is very soft and very creamy and incredibly easy to work with. The only con is that they are a little dusty and you do end up with some fall out but nothing as exaggerated as I had heard about them before buying. Tap off your brush and don't pick up a lot of product on each dip into the pans and you are good-to-go.

Overall I do think the Sephora Pro Warm Palette is definitely worth purchasing, especially if your collection is missing really beautiful warm, matte eyeshadows. If you buy this palette, you won't need another warm eyeshadow palette, and that in itself makes it an even better value than it already is. 

Dose of Colors | Baked Browns

Links in this post are affiliate links. If you shop using my links, I do earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you decide to use my links!

The two Dose of Colors Palettes, Baked Browns and Marvelous Mauves, have been on my wishlist since they first launched. I tried picking them up when they first arrived at Ulta but of course they were sold out for quite some time, so it was one of those hurry up and wait moments. But a few weeks ago when Ulta send out a 20% off coupon, both palettes were back in stock and I decided to pick up Baked Browns just to test the water. 

Well, let me tell you that I now wish I had picked up both palettes with the 20% off discount. This palette has become an instant favorite in my collection and I now know that I will need the mauve palette, along with the two new palettes which are launching later this fall. Yes, this palette is everything AND a bag of chips!

The Dose of Colors Baked Browns Palette comes in a sleek bronze metallic toned palette that is perfect in size for those of us that have limited space for storage. The thin and really compact packaging makes this palette really easy to travel with or just carry in your bag, though I personally don't carry eyeshadow palettes with me. But if you do carry your makeup with you throughout the day, this palette easily fits into your makeup bag.

I do love a good brown shadow and the ones in this palette totally speak to me. I love how even though you only have 5 shadows, you basically have everything you need. You start off with a beige shade and move through the shades to create really sultry, beautiful looks. 

The palette includes a double sided brush which seemed pointy and hard at first, but once I actually used the palette I found it pretty handy. The smaller, pointier side is perfect for doing the lower lash line and the larger (but still small) end is great for really detailed work. 

This palette retails for $32 at Ulta which I think is a great price considering how amazing the quality is. Of course I got 20% off which means I got an absolute steal.

As you can see all five shades in Baked Browns are very pigmented, the formula is also super buttery and soft! From the minute that I first touched these shadows, it was LOVE.

I am also happy to note that Cherry Wood is the most pigmented along with Rock Bottom which means that the color you see in the pan is pretty much what you get on the eyes. In the top swatch photo you can see that because the shadows are so buttery soft, there was quite a bit of powder laying on top, but all it took was a tiny blow and all the extra powder blew right off. I would suggest tapping off your brush just in case, but when I have used these shadows I have gotten super minimal fall-out. 

I don't have any cons to the Dose of Colors Baked Browns Eyeshadow Palette - none. Everything from the packaging, shade range, the formula, even the price, is spot on. I have created the most beautiful reddy brown eye looks, and I am not one who can usually wear a lot of red on my eyes because with my dark hair I tend to look like Dracula. But this shadow formula is so soft and blends like a dream, that it's been such a pleasure to use this palette. 

Do you need the Dose of Colors Baked Browns Eyeshadow Palette?

Uh, hell YES!

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

Links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, I do earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you use my links. 

I have to admit that from the moment I first saw the Too Faced Just Peachy Matte palettes on IG a few months ago, I was a little bit smitten. First of all, I own none of the Too Faced matte palettes or none of the smaller 9-pan palettes. Then there was the color scheme - with it's peaches and berries it really looked like a color combo that I would enjoy. While I know that a lot of people want to move on from the whole "peach" thing, I don't own many peach shades, even though I do have the Sweet Peach palette. But honestly that one doesn't have a whole lot of peach in it, does it?

In person I have to say that this palette is even prettier than all of the photos I had seen of it online. These shades are just so stinking pretty, you have some really beautiful peaches, two plum/wine shades, a few browns and two light shades. It's definitely an all-inclusive palette with which you can create many looks without having to go into a second palette. 

Aren't these shades just beautiful? My favorites so far have to be: Peach Tea, Peach Cobbler, Peach Punch and Just Ripe.

Now let's check out the packaging because Too Faced really did a beautiful job putting the Just Peachy Mattes palette together. Unlike the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting palette which I ordered twice and received broken both times (that had really cheap packaging), this palette is made really well. The construction feels really solid and there is not a piece that feels like it's going to fall apart like the Sweet Peach one did. 

Plus it's adorable, and I am not even one who usually likes cutesy stuff. I tolerate the chocolate bars but feel they are a tad tacky, while the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes feels more line an antique clutch to me and looks super cute. 

But what about the formula? We all know that Too Faced has been pretty hit or miss lately and because of that I wasn't expecting to be super happy with the formula. Fortunately, this palette is much better than I had hoped. The formula of the shadows is not dry, it's easy to blend and while not all of the shades are super pigmented, they are buildable. Let's check out the swatches. 

The first half of the palette contains the lighter shades and I have to say this entire side is beautiful. Well I don't think it was necessary to have both of the light shades, at least they both are decently pigmented.

The other four shades are some of my favorites in this palette because they are the beautiful peaches and not everyday palette shades. Peach Tea makes a great transmission shade and Just Peachy and Fresh-Picked are both so pretty! That entire second column is gorgeous and I think these peachier shades are the ones that make this palette stand out from everything else that is out there right now. 

The second part of the palette contains two more of those awesome peachy shades, two plum/wine tones and two browns. Peach Cobbler and Peach Punch are both just gorgeous and super pigmented, you can see on the swatches just how soft and evenly they swatched. 

Meanwhile the deeper shades struggled a bit in the swatches. First of all Peach Sangria swatches a bit patchy and then the other shades just don't seem to have that same soft formula as they peachier shades, but on the eyes they do perform much better. 

Overall, I found that this palette really is very nice. While some shades swatched so-so, they all perform and blend really nicely. They are not super pigmented on application, with the exception of Peach Punch, so you will have to build. But they are so easy to work with and I have gotten zero fall out, and those are the aspects of an eyeshadow palette that are more important to me.

I usually can't wear mattes on my lids because they are dry and crapey but I find that these mattes are not drying at all and don't make my lids look older than they are at all. 

The cost of the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes is a bit high at $45 and it's a Sephora Exclusive. For 9-shadows the price could be lower, but you can always wait for the Sephora VIB sale to get a discount. If you don't own a ton of matte shades or these shades in particular, I do think this palette is worth picking up. 

KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book Review & Swatches

I was lucky enough to receive this product from  KEVYN AUCOIN Beauty as PR, but as usual, all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate links, if you shop using one of them, I do earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you use them!

I was lucky enough to receive the KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book a few weeks ago and today I am here to share a very comprehensive review. If you're a fan of the KEVYN AUCOIN beauty brand and/or have the Making Faces book, which is a cult classic in the beauty industry, I would say that this beauty book is a must-have in your collection. 

The first thing that I thought of upon seeing the KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book was what an amazing gift this would make. The packaging is something really well thought out and really well executed, it looks just like a small version of the original book, which includes three chapters filled with some of KEVYN AUCOIN best-loved products. As someone who loves books, beauty and makeup, this beauty book is something really special and totally out of the ordinary.

The beauty book includes a mirror which really takes this book from just being something you can display or use once in a while, into a palette. When I travel, this is exactly the type of item that I love to take with me and I can already tell you that it will become a travel companion for me. Plus, I have also been really enjoying it at home, where I can open up the three chapters and create a beautiful look, and only need mascara, lipstick and foundation to finish of my look.  

The beauty book comes with a beauty how-to card to help you achieve some of KEVYN AUCOIN's iconic looks. Each chapter also comes with step-by-step tips on how to use the products, something perfect for those of us that are not "makeup experts".

KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book Chapter 1: Contour

This is my favorite chapter of the book. I love the contour powder which is a cooler tone and the perfect contour shade for my medium skin tone. I've always had an issue with contour shades veering orange on my skin tone and this truly is the perfect tone. It's not overly cool and looks like more of a true shadow versus a streak of orange or brown. 

The second product that I am really enjoying is the Candlelight Highlighter. This is not a blinding Instagram style highlighter at all, this is a subtle and very refined highlighter that gives a perfect hint of candlelight to where ever you place it. I don't always wear highlight and have a hard time finding good ones that will give me a beautiful glow-from-within finish versus blinding and I have fallen in love with Candlelight. If you are not into the Instagram trend highlighters either and are looking for something refined and elegant, I suggest Candlelight for sure. 

This first chapter also contains a bronzer that's warmer than the contour but not overly so. Again, I don't like bronzers that are too warm because they will look orange on my skin, so this one is really nice in-between shade. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have all the powders you need for your face in one place?

KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book Chapter 2: Blush & Define

I love that there are two blushers included in this beauty book, one is a cooler pink and the other is a gorgeous shade of coral. Both blushes are matte and super pigmented. I had only been wearing the Dolline because Shadore looks a bit more pink than I prefer but one of the KEVYN AUCOIN beauty tips included in the book is that to achive KEVYN AUCOIN's signature blush shade we should mix both blushes together. I've tried that today and loved the finished shade, it's very pretty. My suggestion with the blushes, is to apply with a light hand because of how pigmented they are. 

The second chapter also includes three perfect liner shades: Black, Dark Brown and Navy. These shades are not the same formula as the eyeshadows in the next chapter, they feel a little more dry. But are they pigmented, especially Dark Brown. These shades are also perfect for deepening out an eye look and creating a really smudgy, smoky look. Or just apply them with a wet or dry angled liner to really define the eyes.

KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book Chapter 3: EmphasEYES

The EmphasEYES chapter in the KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book is probably the most exciting. Here you get 8 beautiful shadows, perfect for creating an everyday eye look. These shadows are more on the cool-toned side. I love cool toned shadows and find them hard to find, so for me this selection of shades definitely works.

There are two really soft and creamy mattes (including Taupe which is divine), five shades which have more of a satin finish (including Amethyst which is so reflective and gorgeous on the lid) and a more shimmery steel blue that is amazing. 

I've worn these shadows a few times now and I think they are beautiful. I am really enjoying Taupe and Amethyst together with Clay as my base shade. Blue Steel is another stand out for me as well, I love smudging that on the lower lash line where it looks beautiful. 

These 8 eyeshadows will provide you with really pretty, highly-wearable eye looks that can easily be taken into evening by adding one of a few of the darker shades in Chapter 2. The addition of those three dark, matte shades really makes this eye palette super versatile and I am really enjoying it. 

Now for a few cons: the price of the KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book is $75, which is a lot. However, when you look at how much product you're getting it's definitely an amazing value. In the KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book you get .17 oz Sculpting Powder, compared to 11 oz of product in the full-sized Sculpting Powder, which costs $44. That's the sculpting powder alone. As you can see the value is definitely there and according to KEVYN AUCOIN Beauty the total value is $250. 

The only other con that I can think of is that this book is more cool-toned. Everything from the sculpting powder to the shadows is more on the cooler spectrum, so if you like really warm shades this might not work for you. As someone who is always yearning for more cool tones in beauty products, this entire beauty book is right up my alley. 

At the end of the day, I am loving my KEVYN AUCOIN The Making Faces Beauty Book. I've been using it so much, even this morning I have once again reached for Chapters 1 and 2. If you're a fan of KEVYN AUCOIN products or have the original Making Faces book, I think you will adore it! Also, keep this in mind during the holiday gifting season because this will truly make an amazing gift for a beauty lover.