Disney Dare to Dream Pocahontas Beauty Book

Today I have swatches that I recently shared on Insta of the new Pocahonats Disney Princess Dare to Dream Collection which is an exclusive to Walgreens. This new collection showed up at one of my Walgreen's last week and of course many of us have been very excited about it. This is the first time that I purchase the beauty books from any Disney collection, I have skipped on the E.L.F. Beauty Books that retail for $12.99 because I truly thought none of them have been that great, but this new collection is beautiful and the artwork is amazing. There was no way that I could skip out on these new beauty books especially considering they feature the princesses which I personally like the most: Pocahontas, Mulan and Ariel. Something to note is that these beauty books are only $10.00 compared to the E.L.F. beauty books and are made by the same brand that makes Wet n Wild. I am a huge fan of Wet n Wild so when I heard they had made these books, I kinda knew they would be pretty amazing. I have quite a bit of other stuff to share from the collection, but I will be sharing them in separate posts so it doesn't get too overwhelming. 

To get us started here is the Pocahontas Dare to Dream Beauty Book which is my personal favorite, I just love these shades which totally make me think "colors of the wind". Like I said, this artwork is so beautiful, whoever designed this collection did a magnificent job. Each book comes with two look guides and they each have a plastic protector which is kind of a pain in the butt. I might take mine all of because it's hard to work with the book and keep pulling the plastic back at the same time. Overall the design is very nice...now let's check out the shades. 

I'm such a sucker for cute names and I totally love all the names in these collections. But how do they swatch?

Well I am super happy to report that these shadows are mostly good, in fact some are very good. When I started these swatches and I did the first two colors (Dreamcatcher and Wingapo) I was bummed because both of those are not that pigmented. But once I reached Heroine, Ripples and Warrior, I found those to be super creamy and incredibly pigmented. It's weird because not all of the colors have the same formula, all of the matte shades are incredible and swatch super nice, but some of the other shades are not as great. But from the three beauty books, the Pocahontas Beauty Book shadows swatch better and I am in love with these shades. I also 100% love the bronzer and blush which are super wearable compared to the two other books which have very bright, pink blushes.  

All three books I noticed have one dud shade and on this book that would be Sycamore which is a glittery shade, it just didn't swatch evenly. So the first two are not very pigmented and that one is a bit patchy, but the rest are beautiful and swatched nice and even. 

Would I recommend the Disney Dare to Dream Pocahontas Beauty Book? If you are a collector, or just a fan of Disney Princesses, I would say definitely. For the makeup lovers that don't care for these limited edition collections or gimmicky style items, then it's probably a pass. But I totally think it's worth the $10 and I love that this book in particular is not just for collecting, but it has great shades and a super decent formula that should delivery some amazing looks. 

Stay tuned for more posts from the rest of the Disney Dare to Dream Collection. They are going to be super popular, so I suggest you buy them asap if you see them and want them. I'd love to know what you think of this beauty book and if this collection has hit your neck of the woods yet. 

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