Maybelline ColorBlur My-My Magenta & Cherry Cherry Bang Bang Swatches

Hey guys! So today I have some great lippies to share with you. Maybelline ColorBlurs have been around for a few months but I hadn't paid attention to them because I wasn't interested in the concept of them. ColorBlurs are matte lipsticks that come with a "blurring" tool on one end so that you can achieve the trend of color in the center of your lips with a small amount blurring at the edges, as if you had sucked on a popsicle. This trend is not something that appeals to me so I was sure that I would be skipping on these altogether, but then I started watching swatch videos and that was the end of my hold-out. 

Basically these are a great lipstick, very much like the Loreal Le Matte's and you don't have to do the Asian trend thing at all. After watching these watched and seeing the great colors I knew I had to have at least a pair. I also really wanted to compare them to the Le Mattes since they are pretty much the same thing. 

The two shades I picked up are My-My-Magenta and Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. As you can see, the shades inside definitely match the packaging which is always nice. One thing I find tricky about the packaging is that you have to twist the product out from the bottom and not the top. I keep forgetting and keep insisting on twisting the top. 

Upon watching them on my arm I saw just how creamy they were and that really made me excited to try them on. They really reminded me of the Maybelline Matte's, which are my favorite lipsticks. And both of the shades I chose are just beautiful. For those of you that don't like the scent of the Maybelline Matte Lipsticks, you will be happy to note that ColorBlurs don't smell the same. I detect a very slight scent but it's not at all sweet like the lipsticks.

Application: These apply super smooth and creamy, which is surprising just how crazy they are. The shape makes it so easy to get a perfect application, which is what I love about this style of lipstick. You can layer a bit more just to deepen the shade but really they are fully pigmented in one pass.  

Wear time: I wore Cherry Cherry Bang Bang today for 8 hours and did not have to reapply at all. I was drinking tea throughout the day and had a light meal. I imagine if I had something greasy I would have lost color in the middle of the lips but since my meal was light, it stayed on throughout. 

Finish: Upon application you have a very comfortable matte finish. For the first two hours I was able to rub my lips together smoothly. At about the third hour I could not longer do that but it was still super comfortable and not at all dry. BUT, and this is weird because I've never had this issue with  my Maybelline Matte's, but at about the 6th hour my lips started feeling dry and hot. I then topped it with a gloss and my lips began to feel better immediately. It really surprised me that my lips got as dry as they did because the color went on so rich and creamy at the beginning. I will have to try the Loreal Le Matte's for 8 hours so I can see if the same thing happens or if that formula might be better. 

This is My-My Magenta which might be my favorite of the two, it's such a great shade for really brightening up your face AND you day! You simply could not be sad while wearing this shade. 

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang is an awesome red, it looks beautiful on. This is that quintessential red that belongs in every collection, and how cute is that name? 

 Still, even with that dry part at the end of the day, I enjoyed wearing this today. You don't feel like you're wearing lipstick at all and the colors are super vibrant and pretty. I will be purchasing at least 2 more shades and trying them out so I can see if that dry part at the end repeats or if it was my lips that were dry. Either way I really like these Maybelline ColorBlurs. I got mine at CVS but I know they are most affordable at Walmart for about $7.79. 

Let me know if you've tried these and what your thoughts are. 

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