Easy Eye Look Featuring Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Petal Pusher

I don't claim to be a makeup artist of any sort nor am I great at applying shadows, yet. Towards the middle of 2015 is when I began to really start buying palettes and trying to find "my way" in the applications process. For some of us applying shadows isn't easy! I watch YT videos and can't believe how easy people create an amazing look while I struggle so much. But I do think I am getting better and I am starting to find what works with my hooded, drier lids. 

One thing I have learned for sure is that one technique doesn't work on everyone. Like I can't use big fluffy brushes because my eyelids and brow area is not as wide as someone elses. I am finding smaller brushes work well for me and I have to get more into detail because I have limited space, plus when your eyes start to droop you have to start going above the crease and actually creating one instead of simply swiping your brush into it. It's like art class really. IDK, but I hope with time and practice I can start to really get comfortable enough to share looks, which is something I am asked for often on Instagram. 

Today I have a very simple look that I created using Wet n Wild's Petal Pusher Palette which is so beautiful. I got this quite a few months ago and still hadn't used it but as part of my #ShopMyStash2016 Challenge, all these new palettes are coming out to play and I found this one in particular super easy to use. I think if you're a beginner, these Wet n Wild Palettes are great because they tell you what do, it's not like when you have a palette with 20 shades and no idea where to begin. So check out how easy I created this look with my Petal Pusher Palette!

Easy-peasy right? Not much to it and I think purples look so pretty on dark eyes. I can't wait to try another look with this palette, I am thinking of using the crease shade in the 2nd column next time on the crease and really smoking that out a lot, keeping it really dark. 

Like I said, I am not an expert or anything but I wanted to share this post for those newbies that might struggle with shadows like myself. Or maybe you have Petal Pusher but haven't been inspired by it. This palette is super affordable and the shades are so blendable and smooth, a really great palette overall that I recommend. 

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