Today I want to share a few swatches of another one of Milani's new Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes. You can find my post for the first shade Earthy Elements HERE. As of now I have the four of these palettes that can be found in one display together but the word is that there is a total of SIX of these babies, one being a gorgeous lavender one that will be perfect for spring! I can't wait to spot the last two palettes so I can have the complete collection.

Smoky Essentials is the palette out of the four that excited me the most originally because I am such a fan of blues. Once I swatched it, I feel like it didn't deliver for me 100% as I had hoped and I found it's just not as pigmented as the other three. Looking at the swatches though I realize the shades look absolutely beautiful, I just felt I had to build them up a bit more. Still, the end swatches to look pretty amazing. I did these a few weeks ago and now looking at the photos has inspired me to pull this out and use it asap.


Just look at how amazing the dark blue shade is, that is my favorite of the palette. Also the mattes are simply a delight to swatch, they are so soft and so pigmented and all it took was a single swipe into the pan to get full color. That taupe shade is to die for, these palettes boast some awesome neutrals.

Out of the four palettes this is the only one that had a shade or two that needed extra building ( the first gray/blue) but I would still recommend it. I feel the brighter blue is fantastic (that one needs a little building as well) and the matte shades are for sure winners. It's a great combo of mattes and shimmers that will delivery some great looks and for $10 I think all of these palettes are a steal.

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