Crazy Good Makeup Deals Shopping Through the Dote App

This week I have scored some really good deals using the Dote Shopping app and thought I would share some of them with you. The Dote Shopping app is only available via download on iTunes so if you have an android phone you won't be able to take advantage of these deals. But if you do have access to an iTunes account, then you won't want to miss some of these deals.

When shopping on Dote you will need a code to get the $5 off and free shipping, and I hope you will use my code ZOBG. If you use this code, I get a $5 credit which I will use to purchase more products to review on here. Thanks in advance to those of you that choose to use my referral code!

I will keep updating this post with new deals as I see them so you might want to boomark this post so you can keep checking back as deals are coming and going pretty fast. I love a good deal and I hope you guys can take advantage of a few of them along with me!

ColourPop Take Me Home Palette $5 plus free shipping: I purchased this palette a few days ago using the app and really like it. It's a small palette but it's solid in quality and great for everyday looks. I will have a review up here for it very soon. 

ColourPop All I See Is Magic Palette $9 plus free shipping: I purchased this palette for $20 and can't believe you can now get it for only $9. I would so jump on this if I did not already have it. 

Shiseido Facial Cotton $5 plus free shipping: I just ordered this super popular facial cotton last night at 50% off it's regular price. It's an even better deal than the Sehora VIB sale. 

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