Elcie Cosmetics Minimalist Eye Shadow Palette

The Elcie Cosmetics Minimalist Eye Shadow Palette has been in my collection for over a year and it wasn't until recently that I used it for the very first time. Why was such a gem, and probably one of my favorite makeup pieces still lying around unused?

That's actually one of the areas that I have struggled with the most when it comes to the really special pieces of makeup that I have bought - the want to keep them pristine and perfect forever. Which makes absolutely no sense considering that makeup has an expiration and will one day will have to be thrown out.

Well, that's exactly one of the areas that I am working the most to change up this year. It was definitely a happy moment when I finally dug into it the first time and consequently the entire week following because I had added it to my makeup to-go bag. And because it was the only eye shadow palette that I had in my bag that week, I got to really test it out. I got to do a little bit of everything with the palette: I did very simple eye looks, I did a few more smokey, smudgy looks and I even paired it with a shimmer lid to see how it would pair with all of those singles I own that need a good matte pairing palette like this.

At the end of a full week's use of this palette, I learned that I can in fact use all of the shades in the palette, including the vanilla shade (which I was sure I would never touch) and the lighter mid-toned brown (which isn't my favorite tone of brown).

I also learned that this palette really is the ultimate when it comes to a simple but incredibly refined and sophisticated eye look. And while it boasts the title of Minimalist, you don't have to be a makeup minimalist to own it.

However, if you asked me who the Elcie Cosmetics Minimalist Eye Shadow Palette is perfect for, I would have to say that it's perfect for someone who isn't a beauty collector. This palette is perfect for that makeup minimalist who is looking for a solid workhorse palette, that can take them from day to night with minimal fuss.

Or maybe you just need that one perfect palette to take on-the-go with you. Or perhaps you save all of your fun eye shadows for your days off but need that one perfect neutral palette for work. This. Is. It.

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